Earthlines is the quarterly journal of Skyline Harvest.  At the winter and summer solstice, and fall and spring equinox, we share our reflections from these wooded foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In this small way we participate in opening the “lines” of communication between the human and the natural world.

Below you will find the entire library of back issues, published since the year 2000. Join our newsletter list, using the form on this page, to receive upcoming issues of Earthlines.

Happy Thanksgiving Winter of 2020

A Year of Change Fall of 2020

Pause Summer of 2020

Faith – Hope – Love Spring of 2020

Released by Forgiveness Winter of 2019

Grateful Fall of 2019

Happy Summer Solstice Summer of 2019

Mercy Spring of 2019

Christophany Winter of 2018

Lioness Tale Prison Project Update Fall of 2018

Sanctuary – Celebrating 9 Years of Lit-uPP Summer of 2018

The Observer Effect Spring of 2018

Dark Mother Winter of 2017

A New Story Fall of 2017

Time is No Enemy Summer of 2017

Shipwreck Spring of 2017

Go and Do the Same Winter of 2016

Wax to Burn Fall of 2016

Who Lights the Wick  Spring of 2016

Our Time is Now Winter of 2015

My Strength is Trust Fall of 2015

What We Do Not Believe Summer of 2015

Unsealed Spring Spring of 2015

YES Winter of 2014

Peace from the Inside Fall of 2014 

Shadows and Light Summer of 2014

The Eye That Pierces the Darkness Spring of 2014

The Freedom of Our Calling  Winter of 2013

Silence the Only Solace  Fall of 2013

From Margin to Center  Spring of 2013

Imagine  Winter of 2012

Peace  Fall of 2012

Conflict as Growth  Summer of 2012

Accompaniment  Spring of 2012

Friendship  Winter of 2011

Balance Between Dark and Light  Fall of 2011

May Suffering Be Transformed  Summer of 2011

Crisis  Spring of 2011

Exploration into God  Winter of 2010

I Call You Friend  Fall of 2010

LiT-uPP  Summer of 2010

The Lioness Tale Prison Project (LiT-uPP)  Spring of 2010

Incarnation Your One Wild and Precious Life  Winter of 2009

Given For All  Fall of 2009

Remembering Thomas Berry 1914-2009  Summer of 2009

Behold, I Create All Things New  Spring of 2009

This I know  Winter of 2008

Born of the Wind  Fall of 2008

Contemplative Presence  Summer of 2008

Return to Earth  Spring of 2008

Mother of God Winter of 2007

The Guardian Fall of 2007

Invisible Harmony Summer of 2007

Forest of Peace Spring of 2007

Winter’s Womb Winter of 2006

The Expanding Heart Fall of 2006

Christ at the Center Summer of 2006

Is the Universe Trustworthy Spring of 2006

The Center Holds Winter of 2005

This Is My Body Fall of 2005

Abandon All Roads Summer of 2005

Life At Home Spring of 2005

In Memory Winter of 2004

Earth’s People’s Work Fall of 2004

The Eye of the Snake Summer of 2004

No Future Without Forgiveness Spring of 2004

Faith Winter of 2003

Our Field Of Love Fall of 2003

Transition Summer of 2003

At The Threshold of Spring, Dark Night Spring of 2003

The Smell of Home Winter of 2002

The Time Is Now Fall of 2002

A Common Household Summer of 2002

Groaning to Give Birth Spring of 2002

Solstice Winter of 2001

September 11 Fall of 2001

Confession Summer of 2001

Trial By Fire Spring of 2001

Opening Lines Winter of 2000

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